May 18, 2024

Doug Herrington, CEO Worldwide of Amazon Stores, announced at a recent company briefing that Amazon has achieved unprecedented delivery speeds for Prime members in early 2024. Herrington reported that Amazon successfully delivered over two billion items on the same day or the day after the order was placed in the first three months of the year, marking a significant leap in the company’s logistical capabilities.

“In the first quarter alone, we’ve not only met but exceeded our previous records, delivering an astonishing volume of products with incredible speed,” Herrington stated. “In March, nearly 60% of Prime member orders in the top 60 largest U.S. metropolitan areas arrived the same day or the next day.”

The acceleration in delivery times isn’t confined to the U.S. alone. “Internationally, our performance has been equally impressive,” Herrington explained. “In cities like London, Tokyo, and Toronto, three out of four items reached our customers either the same day or the next. It’s a testament to our global operational excellence.”

Herrington emphasized that Amazon’s competitive edge extends beyond rapid delivery speeds, highlighting the expansion of product availability. “When we launched Prime in 2005, offering free 2-day shipping on one million items was groundbreaking. Now, we’re proud to offer more than 300 million items with free Prime shipping, including tens of millions with same-day or one-day delivery options,” he said.

Reflecting on the evolving needs and expectations of Amazon’s customer base, Herrington added, “Our customers value not just speed but also the breadth and quality of selections. Whether you’re looking for a specific brand of running socks, a soundbar for your new TV, or last-minute travel essentials, Amazon is your go-to destination.”

Sharing a personal story, Herrington illustrated Amazon’s expansive inventory’s impact. “I recently needed a new burn box for a pellet stove. I was skeptical at first—could Amazon really have this? Sure enough, we did, and it arrived promptly with fast, free Prime delivery. It’s just amazing to see it in action.”

Herrington concluded with a message of appreciation and a forward-looking vision: “To all our customers out there, thank you for your continued trust and loyalty. We are committed to innovating and delivering at record speeds and low prices. And to our Amazon teams worldwide, your hard work and creativity are what drive our success. I am excited to see what we can achieve together as we continue this journey.”

This blend of enhanced service delivery and an ever-growing product range underscores Amazon’s ongoing mission to redefine the retail experience, setting new benchmarks for speed and efficiency in the e-commerce sector.